Kapaleeshwarar Temple


Kapaleeshwarar Temple is in Mylapore, Chennai. It is a temple of Shiva.  According to the Puranas, Shakti worshipped Shiva in the form of a peacock, So giving the name Mylai. Shiva is worshiped as Kapaleeswarar, and is represented by the lingam so Parvati is depicted as Karpagambal. The form of Shiva’s consort Parvati worshipped at this temple is called Karpagambal.


In Mylapore, Chennai – Click here to navigate to google maps

Timings: 5:00AM – 12:00PM, 5:00PM – 9:00PM


  • Ko pooja – 5:00AM
  • Vaikarai Pooja – 6:00AM
  • Kaala sandhi Pooja – 8:00AM
  • Uchi Kaala Pooja – 12:00PM
  • Ardhajama Pooja – 9:00PM

Upcoming Events: Brahmotsavam – March or April

The traditional brahmotsavam  takes place when the entire neighborhood comes alive with a mela like atmosphere. The Kapaleeshwarar temple celebrates the nine day-long as Panguni Peruvizha. Arupathimoovar festival and concludes with the Tirukkalyanam Marriage of Kapaleeswarar and Karpagambal.

Devotees Expected – 100000+


  • Brahmotsavam – 10 days Festival
  • Tirukkalyanam
  • Ther  – 7th day of Brahmotsavam
  • Arupathimoovar festival – 8th day of Brahmotsavam
  • Athigara Nandhi  – 3rd day of Brahmotsavam
  • Rishaba Vahanam – 5th day of Brahmotsavam

Good At:

  • Dravidian architecture

Visit Duration:

  • 2 – 3 Hours


The temple’s name is derived from the words kapalam and eeshwarar an alias of lord Shiva. According to the Puranas, during the meeting of Brahma and Shiva in Mount Kailash, Brahma failed to show the respect to Shiva. Due to this, Shiva plucked of one of Brahma’s heads (kapalams). In an act of self-punishment, Brahma came down to Mylapore and installed a Lingam to please Shiva. This place is known as Sukra Puri, Veda Puri, among many other names including “Kailaye Mayilai and Mayilaye Kayilai “which means this place is equal to kailash. The commonly held view is that the temple was built in the 7th century CE by the ruling Pallavas. This view is based on references to the temple in the hymns of the Nayanmars.

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